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Who wrote and published the “criticism of the holy Qu’ran”?

About the author of the Qur’an’s criticism that hides his real name!

we say:

If he trusts one of the shortcomings given in his book (Qur’an’s criticism), he would not need to hide himself and would not choose an unrealistic fake name for himself. Because if the Quran has a weakness or a small falsehood, it turns out that it cannot be convincing and be overthrown by miraculousness. That is, it turns out that it is not from the perfect God because it says in the Qur’an:

إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر و إنا له لحافزون

Undoubtedly, we have revealed this Quran gradually, and we will surely guard it.  (Alhjr, 9)

And then neither he nor all who put down the Qur’an in terms of credibility and authority will not be considered apostates and will not be in any way threatened by them. So, with about 860 pages of the book, its face and identity are shattered, it does not even disclose a single article of this to be scientifically defensible, and the main purpose of its compilation is to smooth the war and destroy the thoughts and beliefs of the people. Such a person deserves to himself the highest punishment. So it is very scary and that’s why he hides his name. From this, the free man is obliged to find out the authenticity of the subject when he has come to know the quarrels in the field of thought.


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